Frostbite Camp 2019 is a wrap!!

Thanks to the 86 junior and senior athletes who came out to train, learn and race together for 3 days. Thanks to the 28 coaches from 10 different clubs who came out to coach in the camp. Thanks to the many SCKC volunteers and Small Crafts staff who worked over the last 3-months to organize and put-on the camp this weekend. Thanks to the SCKC volunteers who volunteered their weekend to help drive boats, prep and serve food, and run the race on Monday. Thanks to the SCKC families who hosted paddlers from out of town and thanks to the SCKC members who loaned their sprint boats to out of town campers to use. And now we all (campers, coaches, and volunteers) will get some needed rest!!

Camp 2km w turn Results

Eric Hughes Memorial Regatta Results

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