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The SCKC Junior Team was started in 1989 and had produced many paddlers who have represented the United States at  the Junior World Championships, the Pan-Am Championships and Games, and the Olympic Hopes Regatta.

Junior World Championships
1989: (Nova Scotia)
1990: Henry Lee (C)
1991: (Austria) Nate Johnson (K), Jeff Walkky, Juraj Osuky (K)
1992: Juraj Osuky (K)
1993 (Czech Republic): Nate Johnson (C), Mike Gilbrough, Peter Kogan, Juraj Osusky (K), Liz Churchill (K), Olivia White (K), Jordan Malloch (C), Dave Fort (C)
1994: Jordan Malloch (C), Chad Nichols, Leanne Wood (K), Dave Fort (C)
1995 (Japan): Jordon Malloch (C), Dave Fort (C)
1996 (Finland): Jordan Malloch (C), Dave Fort (C), Tamara Jenkins (K), Leanne Wood (K)
1997: (Finland)
1999: (Croatia)
2000: Quincy Castro (K)
2001 (Brazil):
2002 (Germany): Lauren Austin (K), Lizzie Resta (K), Aasim Saleh (C)
2003: (Japan) Lauren Austin (K) and Lizzie Resta (K)
2004: Lauren Austin (K) and Lizzie Resta (K)
2005: (Hungary)
2006: Peter Metzger (K)
2007 (Czech Republic): Alden Keefe-Sampson (C), Peter Metzger (K)
2009 (Russia):
2010: Angela Wang (C)
2011 (Germany): Mia Overton (K), Angela Wang (C, 5th 200m C1), Claire Kim (K), Bailey Nurmia (K)
2012: Angela Wang (C)
2013 (Canada): Zach Guay (C), Lydia Keefe-Sampson (C)
2014 (Hungary): Lydia Keefe-Sampson (C), Nate Errez (K), Miles Cross-Whiter (K),
2015 (Portugal): Lydia Keefe-Sampson (C, 9th 500m C1, 6th 200m C2), Azusa Murphy (C, 6th 200m C2), Nate Errez (K), Miles Cross-Whiter (K, 6th 1000m K2), Reidar Jacobson (C)

2016 (Belarus): Azusa Murphy (C), Nate Errez (K), Miles Cross-Whiter (K)
2017 (Romania): Azusa Murphy (C)

Pan-Am Games and Pan-Am Championships (Junior division)
1990: (Venezuala) Dawn Marie Scherrer (K, bronze K1 500m, silver K2 500m)
1999: (Canada) Nate Johnson (C)
2002: (Brazil) Juraj Osusky (K)
2007: (Brazil) Lauren Austin (K)
2010: (Mexico) Angela Wang (C, 5x bronzes, 3rd C2 1000m)
2013: (Puerto Rico) Zach Guay (C)
2014: (Mexico) Lydia Keefe Sampson (C, 3rd 5000m C1), Michael Weyna (K Cascade)
2015: (Toronto) Lydia Keefe Sampson (C, 7th 200m C1)
2016: (Georgia, USA) Azusa Murphy (C, 4th 500m C1, 4th 200m C1), Nate Errez (K, 7th 1000m K2, 5th 1000m K4)

Olympic Hopes Regatta (this regatta started in 2011 for 1st yr juvies to 1st yr juniors)
2012: Zach Guay (C, 8th 1000m C2, 6th 200m C4)
2013: Miles Cross-Whiter (K), Reidar Jacobson (C, 7th 200m & 500m , 8th 1000m C1)
2014: (Slovakia) Azusa Murphy (C, 3rd 200m C1, 4th 500m & 1000m C1), Miles Cross-Whiter (K, 9th 500m K2, 6th 200m K2), Nate Errez (K, 9th 500m K2, 6th 200m K2), Reidar Jacobson (C)
2015: Azusa Murphy (C, 5th 200m C1, 4th 1000m C1), Miles Cross-Whiter (K, 6th 200m K2, 5th 200m K4), Nate Errez (K, 6th 200m K2, 5th 200m K4)
2016: Azusa Murphy (C qualified but declined)
2017 (Czech Rep): Nevin Harrison (C, gold 200m, 500m; silver 1000m), Aaron Small (K), Jake Zikan (K)


After finishing their youth careers with SCKC, many SCKC padders have gone on to compete on the Senior National team and a number have also gone on to compete at the Olympics.  The following are youth members who went on to compete on Senior National Team.  Note, some of our padders moved and were competing with other clubs when they were on the Senior National Team.

Senior National Team 
Only paddlers who were on the SCKC Junior Team as youths are listed. See the SCKC History page for the full list of SCKC members who have represented the US at the World Championships or Olympics. Names marked with represented the US at the Olympics.

1991: Terry Kent (K), Dawn Marie Scherrer (K)
1992: Terry Kent (K)
1993: Terry Kent (K), Mark Zollitch, Dawn-Marie Scherrer (K), Nate Johnson (C)
1994: Nate Gwynne, Nate Johnson (C), Olivia White (K), Mark Zollitsch, Dave Fort (C)
1997: Tamara Jenkins (K), Juraj Osusky (K), Nate Johnson (C), Jordan Malloch (C), Dave Fort (C)
1998: Nate Johnson (C), Dave Fort (C)
1999: Tamara Jenkins (K), Jordan Malloch (C) Nate Johnson (C)
2000: Tamara Jenkins (K ), Jordon Malloch (C ), Nate Johnson (C )
2001: Nate Johnson (C), Jordan Malloch (C), Leanne Wood, Dave Fort (C, declined in order to coach)
2002: Ruth Nortje (K), Jordan Malloch (C), Nate Johnson (C)
2003: Jordan Malloch (C), Nate Johnson (C)
2004: Jordan Malloch (C ), Nate Johnson (C )
2005: Jordan Malloch (C), Lauren Austin (K) 
2006: Lauren Austin (K) 
2007: Jordan Malloch (C)
2010: (Poland) Amina Saleh (C), Vadim Kin (Para)
2011: (Hungary) Vadim Kin (Para)
2012: Mia Overton (K, OKC as senior)
2014: Mia Overton (K, OKC as senior)
2016: Lydia Keefe Sampson (C)



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