Boathouse Use & Care


  • Always sign out and sign in. Include date, name, time out, time in, and boat description.
  • Use only boats you are approved for (see levels below). Obtain permission from a board officer.
  • Level I: recreational canoes and sea kayaks: all paddlers are automatically approved
  • Level II: slenders, trainers, marathon boats.
  • Level III: teamboats, Orions, surfskis.
  • Level IV: all hi-performance boats.
  • Boats must be placed on horses or in the water. Do not place boats on the ground or dock.
  • If a boat is not properly rigged, do not take rigging from another boat. Use a different boat and inform the Vice President of the needed repair.
  • Lifejackets must be worn or taken in the boat.
  • Close and lock boathouse doors while you're on the water. Remember to take a key with you.


  • PFDs (lifejackets), paddles, spray skirts, and towels must be hung up after use.
  • Boats must be emptied and toweled off after each use.
  • Never place towels on the ground; they collect dirt and scratch the boats. Hang towels on the rack.

special circumstances:

  • Members must be pre-approved by the Board to paddle at night. Night paddling must be done in groups of 2 or more. Always use lights when paddling at night.
  • Boats may not be taken away from Green Lake without written permission from the Vice President. Priority for off-Green Lake use will be given to races at other locations.
  • Some privately owned boats are stored at the boathouse. Members must obtain permission from the Board before storing a private boat in the boathouse. Private boats must be properly rigged and otherwise ready to paddle by any qualified member.
  • Once approved for a boat-use-level, members may use private boats of that level. If a member is using a private boat and the owner wants to use it, the member must comply without delay.

general boathouse rules:

  • Do not leave personal items at the boathouse. Gear and clothing left in the boathouse or changing rooms will be placed in the lost and found bin. If the owner does not claim it within a week, it can be claimed by other members.
  • Members may not make changes to the boathouse without prior Board approval. This rule is to ensure we maintain a safe environment. Approval for good ideas will be forthcoming.
  • Report any new damage via email to, or add to the whiteboard in the boathouse.

other member responsibilities

  • Members are encouraged to attend Board meetings, which are held the third Tuesday of every month (excluding August and December) , 7:00pm, at the Green Lake Small Craft Center.
  • Members must attend at least two boathouse cleanings, work parties, or race course set-ups per year (approx. two hours each).
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