SCKC Open House

2017 Sprint Team Open House dates May 13 and June 24.

Is your middle or high school student looking for a great sport that offers individual achievement as well as the benefits of participating on a team?  The Seattle Canoe and Kayak Club is currently accepting new paddlers and will be holding a free “Open House” on Saturday May 16 at 10am, or Saturday June 13 also at 10am. No experience is required to come join in on the fun! The Green Lake Small Craft Center is located by the Aqua Theater on the SW corner of the lake.  Parents and guardians plan to stop by for the first few minutes to meet the coaches and sign a consent waiver, feel free to hang out with other team parents and enjoy the show! After the kids are off the water stay and warm up over a hot dog or veggie alternative with the team while we answer any questions you might have about our spring courses. Last but not least don’t forget to bring a change of clothes in case you get wet!

10:00 am meet the Coach and Sprint Team Athletes

10:30 am introductions and the sport of sprint canoe/kayak

11:00 pm Time to get wet!  Lesson in sprint canoe and sprint kayak

12:30 pm Lunch time!  Hotdogs & veggie dogs fresh off of the grill

1:00 pm  Masters and paracanoe

Questions?  Contact Tami Oki at 206-684-4074 or via email.

If you can’t drop by for the open house join in on the fun with one of our introductory team classes. Just make sure to sign up early, as our development classes generally fill quickly! Classes meet three times per week and begin monthly, they are held throughout the summer.

The sport of sprint canoe and kayak is great for cross training, requires no previous experience and can be done all year long.  Lots of the team members also participate in other sports as practice schedules are seasonally flexible.  We have several members who have gone to the Olympics such as 2000 and 2004 Olympian Jordan Malloch, as well as many others who are nationally, and internationally competitive. Most of our paddlers are just interested in the fun atmosphere and physical health that paddling promotes! Basic swimming skills are required to pass the City of Seattle float test before enrolling in classes.

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