Eric Hughes Memorial Regatta 2017

Great race this year with over 90 racers and great conditions! We had racers from California (San Diego & River Town), Oklahoma, Georgia (Lanier), and the 7 clubs in Washington.   This year California took the overall 1st in both 5k and 10k. 5k was won by Philip Majumdar from River Town Racers and the 10k was won by Evan Truesdale from San Diego Canoe and Kayak Club. Both finishes were a battle with less than a boat length separating 1st and 2nd.

The official results of the 2017 Eric Hughes Distance Race:

5k 39 competitors, 15 Women, 24 Men

10k 55 competitors, 16 Women, 39 Men

Top 3 Overall 5k
1. Philip Majumdar (bantam), River Town Racers
2. Nicole Anderson (juvie), OKC Riversport
3. Patrick Armitano (juvie), Cascade Canoe and Kayak Club

Top 3 Female Overall 5k
1. Nicole Anderson (juvie), OKC Riversport
2. Nevin Harrison (juvie, canoe), Seattle Canoe and Kayak Club
3. Mia Clark (bantam), Bellingham Canoe and Kayak Sprint Team

Top 3 Male Overall 5k
1. Philip Majumdar (bantam), River Town Racers
2. Patrick Armitano (juvie), Cascade Canoe and Kayak Club
3. Vaughn Schenk (bantam), Seattle Canoe and Kayak Club
Top 3 Overall 10k
1. Evan Truesdale (juvie), San Diego Canoe and Kayak Club
2. Jason Cross (master), Seattle Canoe and Kayak Club
3. Gus Cook (juvie), OKC Riversport

Top 3 Female Overall 10k
1. Abby Scoggins (bantam), Bellingham Canoe and Kayak Sprint Team
2. Elena Wolgamot (juvie), Bellingham Canoe and Kayak Sprint Team
3. Ana Swetish (juvie), Bellingham Canoe and Kayak Sprint Team

Top 3 Male Overall 10k
1. Evan Truesdale (juvie), San Diego Canoe and Kayak Club
2. Jason Cross (master), Seattle Canoe and Kayak Club
3. Gus Cook (juvie), OKC Riversport


Top 3 overall 10k race.  From left Gus Cook (3rd OKC), Evan Truesdale (1st San Diego), Jason Cross (2nd SCKC)

Winner 5k race.  Philip Majumdar (River Town Racers, CA)


SCKC Makes History at Olympic Hopes Regatta!

In her first international race, our own Nevin Harrison matched the best ever US showing with a silver in the C1 1000 event--a remarkable performance against the toughest junior canoeists in the world.  If that wasn't enough, she followed that by taking the first ever Olympic Hopes gold for the US in the C1 500 event--and, there's more--finished her regatta with another gold in the C1 200!  Aaron Small and Jake Zikan from SCKC made the semifinals in the K2 1000, 500 and 200 events, showing that they were in the mix against the best on the planet.  Congratulations to Nevin, Aaron, and Jake!  Full results are here.


Pacific Cup, aka Bantam Championships, 2017

14 SCKC Bantams headed up to Maple Ridge for a great weekend of racing Sept 9-10th.  This is primarily a team boat event and we fielded 4 K4s in U15 Boys and Girls, U13 Boys and U11 Open.  We also had 11 different K2 combos in Novice, U15, U13, and U11 divisions.  Everyone got a lot of racing experience in many different team boats and got 200m K1 races also.  For our U15s, this was a chance to test themselves against the best U15s in the PNW and BC.  Our U15 Boys (Liam, Eric, Owen + Ryan from Keystone) took 2nd in the K4 competition(!) and our U15 Girls (Leana, Camille, Ella and Ella) took 4th despite all being novices (never been to nationals).  



Congratulations Junior Team for Nationals 2017!

We took a team of 9 juniors to Nationals at the beginning of August in Clermont, Florida.  Naomi, Nevin, Azusa and Hana competed in canoe and Liam, Eric, Jake, Aaron and Miles competed in kayak.  We had a great week of racing and some wild weather.  SCKC cleaned up in C-1 events winning all the juvenile and juvie events in 1000m, 500m, and 200m.  In C-2, SCKC took silver in juvie, junior and senior 500m, silver in juvie and junior 200m and gold in the senior 200m and junior 5000m.  They won the C-4 junior 500m.  In kayak, SCKC took 2nd in the K-2 juvie 1000m, 3rd in K-1 juvie 500m and 200m, 2nd in K-2 senior mens 200m (with San Diego), and 2nd in K-1 senior 200m.  Three SCKC paddlers were named to the 2017 Olympic Hopes Regatta team that will travel to the Czech Republic in September: Nevin, Jake and Aaron.  Full race results are here.


Masters paddlers at Nationals 2017

Three SCKC masters also competed at Nationals in Florida: Eli, Steve S, and John.  Eli took 2nd in Masters B womens 1000m, 3rd in 500m and 1st in 200m and 5000m.  Steve and Eli teamed up to take gold in the K-2 Mixed 500m; John and Susan (Rivertown) took 2nd.  Eli and Bee (Gig) teamed with 2 Brooklyn fellows and took gold in the K4 Masters A 500m.  John took 2nd overall in the 5000m race.  SCKC was 3rd in team masters points this year.

Congratulations Azusa!

Congratulations to Azusa on her performances at the 2017 USA National Team Trials!  Azusa won both the Junior 500m races and was 1st & 2nd in the Senior 500m races.  In the 500m, she set an American record!  In the two 200m races (Junior and Seniors combined), she finished 2nd and 4th (1st and 2nd Junior).  Azusa will compete in July in the U23 & Junior World Championships in Romania.  Trials results here.

Slawko Fedechko Season Opener Regatta 2017

Three SCKC paddlers went up to Maple Ridge for the season opener regatta. Liam took home a 2nd in the U15 500m race and made the 200m final but was DQ'd. Azusa won the 500m C-1 in a race with many of the racers who she'd meet later that month in Georgia at trials. Ella put in PRs in the 500m, 200m and 4000m. Results

2016 News

Frostbite Camp 2016

The camp was well attended with paddlers from all the area clubs plus a good group of Oklahoma padders and a few Canadians.  The Eric Hughes distance race was a challenge this year, as strong winds created big waves and paddlers had to fight a fierce headwind (and then ride the tailwind).  In the 10km race (shortened due to wind), Jake was 3rd (10th overall) and Aaron 4th (12th overall) among the male juvies.  Liam was 3rd (13th overall) among the male bantams.  The 5km race was a real test of grit and determination for our younger bantams and Naomi (in canoe) as the wind and waves were fierce.  In the 5km race, all our paddlers finished which was quite an accomplishment given the wind and waves.  Einar was 3rd among the male bantams (6th overall) and Naomi was 1st among the female canoeists.

Pacific Cup 2016

A small but determined team headed up to Maple Ridge for the Pacific Cup in September.  The goal was to win the U15 team points.  The 4 kayak boys won all the team and individual events in their actual discipline (kayaks) and placed in their non-discipline events (canoes). The key was doing well in the canoe events, where they were at an obvious disadvantage.  Liam raced, and placed, in Nevin’s racing canoe (Owen was in the trainer) despite having never paddled in a real racing canoe before.  Jake & Aaron took 3rd in the C2 500m in a field of 8; Jake switched to lefty (he's righty) for the race because neither knew how to J-stroke steer.  Owen W hadn’t been in a canoe before, but stayed upright for his 200m race and picked up essential team points.  On the girls' side, Nevin won the U14 C1 200m and Camille (a kayaker) & Nevin placed 4th and 2nd in the C2 200m and 500m.  The kayak events were tough for Camille and Nevin what with the Bellingham girls dominating everything.  SCKC came up 2nd overall in U15, but won the men's U15 team points.  Our 2 U12s, Ella and Owen J, competed in their first big regatta and successfully completed a wide variety of races both kayak and canoe, individual and team boats.

SCKC Paddlers return from 2016 Nationals

Congrats on great performances from SCKC paddlers! The following competed:
Men’s Kayak: Junior Miles & Nate; Juvies Jerry, Jake, Aaron & Victor; Bantams Eric & Liam
Women’s Canoe: Juniors Azusa & Hana; Juvie Naomi; Bantam Nevin

At Nationals, the girls won most of the canoe events at both the individual and team level.  Nevin won bantam C1 200m, 500m and 1000m. Azusa (who returned the day before races from Jr Worlds) won the junior C1 500m and 1000m and was 2nd in 200m.  Racing up in age in the juvie division, Nevin won the C1 200m, was 4th in C1 500m and was 2nd in C1 1000m.  The SCKC canoe girls won 1st or 2nd in all the team boat events in the juvie and junior divisions. The girls won the C4 500m junior race against Gig Harbor while racing in a heavy training C4 against Gig's racing C4.  Azusa also competed in and won some of the senior events.  Nate and Miles won all the junior events except the 1000m & 5000m: 1st in the K-2 1000m & 200m, Miles won the 500m & 200m. Nate was 2nd in the 1000m and 3rd in the 5000m.  In the senior division, they won the 200m K-2 and Miles won the 200m.  The juvie and bantam boys had no individual medals, but Liam (3rd yr bantam) made the finals in both the 500m and 1000m.  The bantam K2 (Liam-Eric) made the finals in 200m and 1000m.  Aaron (1st yr juvie) made the 200m and 500m finals.  Aaron & Jake made the 1000m K2 finals, and Aaron & Jerry made the 200m K2 finals.   The juvie K4 (Aaron, Victor, Jake, Jerry) was 4th in the 1000m.  In the 5000m, Jake and Jerry took 2nd.

Results are here.


2016 Ted Houk Regatta Results are up!

Despite a small team and few bantams , SCKC took 2nd in the team points by placing in many events and winning most of the boys junior events, all the women’s bantam canoe individual events and all the women’s junior canoe events both individual and team.   In the men’s bantam events: Liam was 4th in K1 200, 500 & 1000m, Liam-Eric 3rd in K2 1000m, and the SCKC bantam boys were 2nd in K4 1000m.  In the girls’ bantam events, Nevin won C1 200m, 500m and 1000m.  In the juvenile events, Aaron was 3rd in the K1 200m, Aaron & Garrett (OKC) were 4th in K2 1000m, the SCKC juvie boys were 3rd in K4 1000m, Nevin was 3rd in C1 200m, and the SCKC girls (with 2 Canadians) won the C4 1000m.   In juniors, Azusa won all the C1 individual events, Azusa-Hana won the C2 500m and the SCKC girls won the C4 500m.  The SCKC boys won the junior K4 1000m, Nate took 4th in K1 1000m, Miles was 1st and Nate 3rd in K1 500m, and Miles was 1st and Nate 2nd in K1 200m.  Miles also won the 200m senior men's race.  Einar (not yet bantam) competed in his first big regatta.  He raced in 200, 500 and 1000m K1, and was in the bantam K4 that took 2nd in the 1000m.

Race results for this year's Ted Houk Regatta are here.


Five SCKC Paddlers Named to 2016 US National Teams!

The Seattle Canoe & Kayak Club, based in the Green Lake Small Craft Center, sent 1 Senior athlete, 3 Junior athletes and 1 Paracanoe athlete to the 2016 USA Canoe/Kayak National Team Trials in Gainesville, Georgia on April 29-30, 2016, and all 5 athletes were named to US National Teams.

Lydia Keefe Sampson, 19, won gold in the Senior Women C1 500m and C1 200m events, and also place 1st in the Senior C2 500m and 200m events with partner Azusa Murphy, 17. Murphy won the Junior Women C1 500m and 200m events, and won silver in the Senior Women C1 500m race and bronze in the C1 200m event. Sampson will represent the US at Senior World Cup I in Duisberg, Germany and Senior World Cup II in May, as well as at the U23 Canoe Sprint World Championships in Minsk, Belarus in July 28-31, 2016. Murphy will represent the US in the Junior Pan American Championships in Gainesville on May 19-22, 2016 as well as at the Junior Canoe Sprint World Championships in Minsk.

Nate Errez, 17, and Miles Cross-Whiter, 17, won the Junior Men’s K2 200m meter race. The two placed 4th and 6th respectively in the Junior Men K1 1000m race. Cross-Whiter also won the Junior Men K1 200m race. Errez will represent the US at the Junior Pan American Championships in Gainesville, Georgia and both athletes will be racing at the Junior Canoe Sprint World Championships in Minsk, Belarus.

Vadim Kin, 52, was named to the US Paracanoe team, and will represent the US at World Cup III in Duisberg, Germany in May in the VL1 race.

In anticipation of 2 women’s canoe events being added to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the International Canoe Federation (ICF)has supported the development of Women’s Canoe through a Talent Identification Programme (TIP) training camps and support for international regattas since 2012.  Two SCKC women paddlers were selected for these camps.

Lydia Keefe Sampson will participate in a TIP Training Camp in Hungary, before racing in Senior World Cup I in Duisberg, Germany and Senior World Cup II in Montemor-o-velho, Portugal in May.  Both Sampson and Murphy earned spots at the 10 day Junior/U23 TIP camp in Minsk, Belarus before representing the US at the ICF Junior/U23 Canoe Sprint World Championships in Minsk, Belarus on July 28-31, 2016.

2015 News

SCKC Paddlers Return From 2015 Olympic Hopes Regatta

Three SCKC paddlers had the great honor of being selected  for the United States team for this year's Olympic Hopes regatta in Bydgoszcz, Poland, wiith all of our paddlers making a final!  SCKC results included Azusa Murphy 5th in C1 200m finall and 4th in C1 500m final; Miles Cross-Whiter 7th in mens K1 final; MIles and Nate Errez 6th in mens K2 200m final; and MIles, Nate, and with Balazs Szalay (SDCKT) and Aukai Manson (HCKT) taking 5th in the mens K4 final. SCKC earned the bulk of the points for the US team!  Congratulations also to our friends and friendly rivals from Gig Harbor who had nine athletes (most of the U.S. team) selected for Olympic Hopes this year!

SCKC Has a Great 2015 Nationals!

The US Canoe and Kayak Sprint National Championships this year were at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California.  Thanks to San Diego Canoe and Kayak Team for putting on a great event!  SCKC had great results, earning many medals and national championships in both individual and team boats. 

Full results by  race are here.


2015 Ted Houk Regatta Results

Results are here. Great performances by Northwest paddlersl  This is a very competitive regatta and top finishes are hard to get.  With the strength of our local clubs, the finish order in many of our events will not be that different than in the upcoming national championships!  Thanks to our volunteers who helped make this regatta a success.

2015 USA Canoe/Kayak Sprint Team Trials Results

Congratulations to Lydia Keefe Sampson who will be representing the United States at the 2015 Pam Am Games!  SCKC paddlers again produced results disproportionate to their numbers, earning a number of trips to international competitions.  Full results are here.

Coaching Opportunities Available

Greenlake Small Craft Center is looking for qualified coaches for 2015 development classes. Contact Jason Frisk at 206-684-4074 or for details.

2014 Year in Review

2014 was a great year for SCKC!  Our adult and junior membership ranks grew with paddlers, ranging in age from 10 to 77, competing at the national level.

SCKC also had several athletes racing at the highest levels of international competition.

2014 Junior National Team

Miles Cross-Whiter – Kayak Men
Nathaniel Errez – Kayak Men

Lydia Keefe-Sampson - Canoe Women

2014 Olympic Hopes Regatta

The Olympic Hopes Regatta is an international competition which brings together the best junior athletes identifed by their national programs as potential Olympians from around the world.  This year 22 countries were represented.

The following SCKC paddlers were named to the 2014 Olympic Hopes Regatta in Piestany, Slovakia.

Miles Cross-Whiter – Kayak Men
Nathaniel Errez – Kayak Men

Reidar Jacobson – Canoe Men

Azusa Murphy – Canoe Women

A notable result for the United States and SCKC was Azusa Murphy's bronze medal finish in the womens 200M C1 final.  This was the first US medal ever in canoe/kayak Olympic Hopes racing!  

Another noteworthy performance was achieved by Miles and Nathaniel from SCKC, who made the final in the very competitive 200M K2.  The spread in the final between the first and last place boats was a miniscule 1.4 seconds.  When the dust (and spray) had all settled, Miles and Nathaniel ended up with a 6th place finish, a tiny margin out of the medals.

After missing some training time due to a broken wrist, Reidar still managed to make the semifinal of the 200m C1 event.

An essential part of the team was Tami Oki from SCKC who performed admirably as the US Olympic Hopes team manager.  In additional to many other duties, Tami is also Chair of the Sprint Officials Committee for USA Canoe and Kayak.

2014 Pan American Championships

Lydia Keefe-Sampson from SCKC was the 2014 Bronze Medalist in the 5000m C1!  Lydia also made the final of the 200m C1, finishing 7th.

Michael Weyna (and partner Jonny Espinosa, San Diego Canoe & Kayak Team) was 4th in the Junior Men's K-2 200M and 5th in the Junior Men's K-2 1000M.

2014 Sprint Canoe/Kayak National Championships

The 2014 championships were held in Lake Lanier, GA.  This is a great venue and the site of the 1996 Olympic rowing and canoe/kayak competitions.  Typically, Georgia in August can be oppressively hot, afternoon highs in the mid 90s with very high humidity.  Fortunately for SCKC paddlers, in 2014 the area was hit with an unusual August cold spell, with afternoon highs on two days not even reaching the 80's. SCKC brought home a boatload of medals for both junior and masters paddlers.


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