Seattle Parks and Recreation - Seattle Canoe and Kayak Club

  1. All paddlers must have a current float test on file with the Green Lake Small Craft Center office. Tests are valid for three years.
  2. All paddlers must be current members, in good standing with the SCKC, and have signed a Risk and Release form.
  3. Each paddler must carry a lifejacket / PFD (personal floatation device) while on the water. Lifejackets are to be worn during winter months (when the water is below 50 degrees), and with all beginning or intermediate paddlers.
  4. Use the log book to sign out and sign in each day.
  5. Paddlers must complete an equipment orientation and check out for each type of boat.
  6. Power boat operators must be over age 18 and have completed an annual equipment orientation and check out.
  7. Paddle only during daylight hours. A small number of adult experienced marathon paddlers may train after sunset with the prior written approval of the SCKC President. These paddlers will have pairs of boats together, wear lifejackets, and be on the water only in fair weather conditions.
  8. The lake is closed when white caps are present.
  9. The lake is closed if thunder is heard or lightning can be seen. It will remain closed for a minimum of 30 minutes, and will reopen only when safe weather conditions exist.
  10. During winter months (water temperature below 50 degrees) independent paddling is allowed with a minimum of two boats on the water. The more stable boats are to be used.
  11. Youth paddlers, under the age of 18, may paddle when accompanied by an adult member of the SCKC, or under the direct supervision of an instructor.
  12. Scheduled instructional programs have priority on the use of all equipment.
  13. Maintain the security of the SCKC storage area.
  14. Take care of the equipment and report any problems or damage.
  15. Each year, members must attend a safety orientation session conducted by the Membership Chairperson and the Senior Recreation Program Specialist at the facility.
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