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Frostbite Training Camp and Eric Hughes Long-distance Race

Nov 9-11, 2019, Green Lake, Seattle, WA

The Frostbite Training Camp was started in 1992. For 25 years, it has brought together flatwater sprint kayakers and canoers for 3 days of training, learning and camaraderie. Youth and U23 paddlers from the PNW, California, Minnesota, British Columbia and Oklahoma will be at the camp along with some of the top coaches in the U.S. You will learn a lot, paddle a lot, and make new friends in the sport!

Camp 2km w turn Results

Eric Hughes Memorial Regatta Results


$210 for the 3-day training camp (includes entry into the Eric Hughes distance race).

Masters half-day? Please scroll down for info.
Looking for the Eric Hughes Distance Race info? Go here


#1 All participants sign in here (click link)
Enter Name, T-shirt, Age, 1000m Speed Info
Your 1000m time is used to set the ordering of the 2k with turn time trial at the start of the camp. Please enter your info on the Google Sheet by Wed Oct 30 or you might not get a t-shirt.

#2 Pay for the camp

SCKC Members: See team emails for links to register.

Paddlers from other clubs: Your club should submit one payment using our club form. Mail in a check or contact Tami Oki to arrange alternate (like CC) payment.

Unaffiliated individuals (meaning not part of a group coming from a club): Please contact Tami Oki to register and pay.


A limited number of boats are available and are for paddlers coming from out of town (who cannot trailer boats here). Contact Eli Holmes sooner than later so we can get you set up. For those bringing boats, storage (outside) is available on-site and we will have security during the night.


A limited number of billets with SCKC team families are available and are for youth paddlers coming w/o parents or their team from out of the area. Contact Cynthia Cozza. Billeting requests must be made to Cynthia by October 27th to be considered. Billeting will include: a place to stay Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights; breakfast each morning and dinner on Sunday evening; and transportation to and from the lake each day, and to the social event on Saturday. Athletes are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the airport.

Camp Goals

Included in the camp

Dates and times

Eric Hughes Long Distance Race

Equipment Needed

Paddling gear (3 sets!), running gear, dry land training gear, notebook and pencil, extra warm clothes, extra towels, rain gear, mug (for hot chocolate/coffee), waterbottle, GPS, weed guard (for boat) or weedless rudder for your boat.

Paddling gear for cold weather:
Pogies if you like those for cold weather. Many canoers paddle in light tennis shoes. SPRAY SKIRT. Paddling tights. A light rain jacket. Wind breaker or wind vest. Warm hat. 3 sets of paddling gear or least 3 shirts so you can start EACH on-water session dry. Yes, bring 3 sets of dry paddling clothes to the lake each day. Warm jacket to put on after you get off the water.

What not to bring:
Cotton paddling shirts or sweat shirts. You'll be cold and that's no fun.

Masters Half-Day Program

There will be a half-day masters session geared for novices and intermediates on Sunday Nov 10. Sprint or surf ski boats. We have stable surf skis to loan. It will be a land session followed by on-water session taught by E'Lana Ecker (the development and technique coach for Bellingham). Then in the afternoon there will be 2 masters lectures. One by Greg Barton on Training for the World Surf Ski championships and the second by Doug Ritchie on The Physiology of Training.

Schedule Sunday Nov 10
8:30am Arrive and get ready
9:00am Land session with E'Lana Ecker working on a slider and erg
9:30-11:00am On-water session with E'Lana Ecker
11:10-11:30am On-land review and Q and A with E'Lana Ecker
11:30-12:00pm Dry off and grab a lunch
12:00-12:45pm Lunch time lecture by Greg Barton: Training for the Masters World Surf Ski Championships, aka Training (hard) after 50
12:45-1:30pm Lunch time lecture by Doug Ritchie: Training and Exercise Physiology, aka why do intervals? What is lactate threshold training? What is base training?

When you arrive, you will meet your instructor in the “crew boathouse”. You’ll also start there with your dryland technique session. There are three buildings at the small craft center. The “crew boathouse” is the west-most boathouse (the SCKC boathouse is the center boathouse). You can leave your dry clothes in the crew boathouse. SCKC boathouse changing areas will be full of juniors when you come off the water so you don’t want to have anything there. The restrooms are next to the crew boathouse.

When you launch your kayak, please launch from the EAST dock (the one farthest from the crew boathouse unfortunately). There are 3 docks at the small craft center. A west, center and east. There will be slings out for you to put your boat by the east dock in the morning. Please don’t leave your boat, whether personal or borrowed, by the SCKC boathouse aka the usual place. While you are doing dryland, 60 juniors will come off the water and the area near the SCKC boathouse will be a madhouse.

Cost: $50
Max group size 10
FULL! Link to sign up:
Tami will contact the paddler for payment or you can pay her Sunday morning.


Please click contacts on the left and contact the appropriate person.